What to look for in premium caravan TV antennas

Here we look at providing an overview of what the industry’s current and most innovative, high-end, caravan antennas should deliver to the consumer.

On a long road trip the road, even a happy camper can't go without some entertainment.

These days book, magazines and board games only get you so far and especially with teenagers and younger children all living in a very interactive and visual world, so while camping a solid TV signal is vital to enjoying your trip.

Meaning that purchasing a caravan antenna is a necessary investment, it gives you entertainment options that not all caravans can have.

The caravan antenna market tends to be confusing. The varieties of models and brands are vast, making it difficult to know where to start.

Focus on quality and excellent value for money.

Look for manufacturers that have been in the marketplace long-term. Look for companies that have been towards the top names in RV antenna lines for multiple years; longevity does not lie.

A pre-requisite for any caravan TV antenna is that it allows reception of both a vertical and horizontal digital signal, critical to be able to attain some level of coverage pretty much throughout the country in every state.

If an antenna can receive UHF and difficult VHF channels and can be accurately positioned inside an RV to show the best location for the reception then take the product very seriously. Settle for nothing less. A Winegard antenna is the market leader.

In addition to this to give yourself the confidence and feel good factor for a long trip.  Look for an Antenna that has internal technology able to boost weaker signals, around the 75-90km range, if you can find these two matching characteristics and are familiar with the company name, you are on the right track to purchasing the product you need for a long trip outside major cities.