Painting Over Water Stains and Water Damage

Water stains can appear anywhere. They’re gross, blotchy, brown webs that can ruin drywall or plaster. However, a good thing about the brown spots is that it tells you if there’s water leaking in from somewhere else, whether it’s from rainwater or a leaky pipe.

You can repair the leak pretty quickly if you see it soon enough, but it can also ruin it just as quick. If your drywall is bending or cracking, you should consider removing the area and replacing it with new drywall or plaster. A professional can help with this, but there are also guides on Damage Control 911.

Managing to dry the water damage is a tough feat, but it is possible. Airflow is a benefit when drying an area, but heaters and fans work just as well. Make sure it is completely dry before progressing, considering mold can grow and more brown areas can form if you haven’t fixed the leak.

After you’re sure it’s completely dry, you should apply a primer to the affected, stained area. Letting that dry will lead you to place a new layer or two of paint over it. Make sure it matches, considering you may have to paint your entire wall if it doesn’t!