Common Questions About Worldwide Brands

In January, when I sat down and wrote a comprehensive Worldwide Brands review, I did not expect so many people to read it and send me questions about the popular (but expensive) directory of certified drop shippers and wholesalers.  But, as WWB costs a lot of money at $299 for membership and offers no free trials, it makes sense that potential buyers would want to know as much as possible about what's included as possible before joining.

So in this post I'm going to answer the most frequently asked questions I've seen about Worldwide Brands.

What are the minimum orders for the suppliers in Worldwide Brands?

The minimum orders vary from one supplier to another, but for about 70% of the wholesalers listed in Worldwide Brands, the minimum order is a single unit – this means that they are willing to drop ship.

There are many more suppliers that will supply in light bulk as well, which has low minimum orders.

What is "light bulk"?

Suppliers that offer to sell in "light bulk" are those that will not sell a single unit, but still have a low minimum order requirement – usually less than 10 units, or $150.  There are a lot of these suppliers listed in Worldwide Brands.

How many members does Worldwide Brands have?

Oddly, as Worldwide Brands is so much larger than any other directory, it does not have as many members as Salehoo.  They have not released figures, but there are believed to be about 40,000 or more members of Worldwide Brands.