How to lose weight quickly

The article below talks about how to lose weight quickly.


Substituting water for all the sugary beverages like tea, sweetened milk, coffee and soda to hydrate your body will decrease your overall calorie intake. Water has also been reported to increase the amount of calories your body burns in some studies. Therefore, don’t pop that bottle of soda and reach for the glass of water instead.


Incorporate lean protein foods into your diet such as fish or turkey. It helps to keep you feel full for a longer period of time and builds muscle mass which increases the calorie burn ratio.

Green Tea

It consists of Catechins that work as antioxidants for the body and helps to target the fat around the belly in particular. It’s been reported that green tea drinkers lost twice the amount of weight as compared to the ones who don’t drink green tea. Make it a more powerful drink by adding lemon citrus that allows the body to use the catechins more effectively. You can read more about green tea supplements and other best weight loss supplements on Wise Jug.


Depending solely on calorie restriction is not an effective method to lose weight. Exercise is necessary for healthy weight loss as it boosts the metabolism and calorie burn in a day. It keeps the bloating away and is beneficial for the mental health of a person too.