Different types Of Pest control


Presence of pest are dangerous as they do spread diseases and prevent the healthy lifestyle. There are different styles of pest control methods as per the requirement.

Mechanical Pest Control

When we directly kill or remove the pest and this method is mostly used in small orchards and vegetable garden. For large scale pest problem, it is not the solution. Insects, mammals and birds are easily removed and killed by this method.

Biological Pest Control

Introducing pest’s natural predators for killing of pest is the biological method of pest control. In this method sometimes,predators themselves become pest and this can have adverse effect. This method is usually preferred on large farms. One must go for biological pest control only after deep understanding of it’s after effects and should perfectly plan for it.

Chemical Pest Control

Chemical pest control is more popular for commercial and residential properties.In this method people do hire pest control technician and technician spread the pest control chemical on required area. Pest control professional also provide appropriate information regarding exposure towards pesticides and how to tackle the initial situation of pest presence.

Natural method Of Pest Control

As the name suggest natural products are used in natural pest control method. This is safer option compared to chemical pest control and the natural pest control only affect to required organism.

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