Digital Transcription Riches

How can you put a value on achieving your desire and goal to help others with the knowledge, wisdom and information that you possess and long to give to others on this planet? Because I know how much of a challenge it is to go it alone in the info-product/publishing business, I really want to give you this assistance.

I have been where you are, and understand the difficulty of feeling like you are stuck in quicksand. This has all been put together with your needs in mind. You can discover and have access to everything Digital Transcription Riches offers elsewhere, but you won’t find it all in one place. You’re likely to waste a lot of energy and effort hunting and pecking for what you need hither, thither and yon. Where, here at Digital Transcription Riches we have got everything for you, all under one roof. Then there’s also the issue of knowing who you can trust. The quality of other info-product creation training and digital transcription services are all over the board. Some mediocre at best. Some, frankly – abominable, and others that are quite fine, but with a ghastly price-point. And unless you’ve been around the block it can be, well… a real crap shoot.

Now, what will it cost you in time to put all the pieces of the puzzle together on your own? Time is a most precious commodity. And you’ve heard the saying, Money loves speed. You deserve to be profitable sooner rather than later, right?Also, what is the cost of doing this all on your own? Frustration? A lonely, long learning curve? Mistakes? Hours of researching? Outsourcing to strangers and unknowns? The insanity ends here and now.Think also about what its costing you, not having your information products, books, home study courses and a myriad of other income producing opportunities selling right now, 24/7. How much? Four figures? Five figures? Six figures?On a brighter note, think of this as an investment in your future… the fulfilling of your heart’s cravings and your opportunity to shine and be known as the expert you truly are. For the cost of just one of the monthly calls,access all 12 elements of your subscription and the satisfaction that comes with success. (Not to mention the savings on digital transcription you won’t find elsewhere.) And… your subscription pays for itself with the savings your member-only transcription discount rate offers. Transcribe only 3 (three) hours and your subscription is free!Or, for the price of dinner and a movie for one – you could be well on your way to stardom in your specialty-niche.If conservatively projecting, you earned just an extra $300.00 per month, that would be an extra $3,600 in a year.