Transforming your home by transforming your kitchen

Fresh herbs, flowers from the garden in a vase on the kitchen table, and a few other country kitchen accessories can transform an entire home. If home is where the heart is, then the kitchen makes it beat.

A real country kitchen reflects the changing of seasons both with the accessories that are found there as well as the smells that can help us tell time. We just feel comfortable knowing that our country kitchen isn’t out of season and never out of fashion.

Every respectable health professional out there agrees that our diets should contain some fat. While no one that wants to be taken seriously tells you to slather up a skillet with lard, they almost universally agree that the fat intake should be measured and moderate.

When we saute vegetables in non stick cookware the release of liquids can render the need for any added oil obsolete. Yet in honoring what the experts say we’ll, measure in that moderate amount of oil.

If you have ever had to resurface a kitchen table, or refinish a wooden table in the kitchen or dining room you’ve probably already realized after the fact that protecting the surface may have prevented this costly repair. Most of the time we’re just tempted to purchase a new table.

Even with the use of table cloths, hot plates and bowls can weaken a wood finish. Constant wiping also strips away the finish over time. Vinyl placemats may seem like an easy solution, but when used consistently they deliver the protection we need.

As a part of the socialization process, many young children go through a stage during which they imbue their stuffed animals with human characteristics. Parents tend to find this stage endearing, and it doesn’t last long. Some young girls even go through the trouble of setting up a tea party for their dolls and teddy bears.

If your daughter is inclined to host such a party – or if she invites some of her real friends over to the house – it’s a good idea to have a miniature tea set on hand. These sets are just as adorable on display as they are during use. They can act as a conversation piece and a piece of home décor.

With all of the preparations necessary for a party, we often feel tempted to use paper and plastic to ease the burden of cleanup. Hopefully we’re moving away from a throw away society to a more environmentally friendly culture.

Still backyard barbeques and other large gatherings that may span more than one meal, may make it difficult to ensure we don’t run out of flatware and dishes. Some extra planning can ensure that we have a good count on the amount we’ll use. It’ll also prepare us if we’ll need to wash up before the final serving.

Sometimes in the heat of the kitchen, finding things is our most frustrating experience. When the spices aren’t in the spice rack, when the pots and pans aren’t hanging or when the cooking utensils aren’t easily on hand, food gets burned and so do we.

Sometimes a variety of storage options makes the likelihood of having to hunt for the right cooking utensil a rarity. If we have hanging racks, a cup holder and a drawer dedicated to storing our cooking utensils, we almost guarantee what we need will be on hand.

Decorating the little curios, hutches or shelves with a miniature tea set invites even greater color possibilities, or thematic ideas to our cooking and dining environments. Not just another knickknack, these tea sets say something about our tastes.

Whether we’re lovers of floral design, or wildlife a decorative miniature tea set can accent almost any room. When our tea set is on a tray that is easily moved, this decorative display can travel anywhere from the patio to the dining room depending on our plans.